Fiddler On The Roof

Tuesday 2nd March 2004 to Saturday 6th March 2004
Castle Hall, Hertford
by Joseph Stein
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyris by Sheldon Harnick
Directed by Malcolm Hollow
Musical Director: Malcolm Dorling

Fiddler on the Roof, based on the short story "Tevye and His Daughters" by Sholom Aleichem, was one of the first musicals to defy Broadway's established rules of commercial success. It dealt with serious issues such as persecution, poverty, and the struggle to hold on to one's beliefs in the midst of a hostile and chaotic environment. Criticized at first for its "limited appeal", Fiddler on the Roofstruck such a universal chord in audiences that it became, for a time, the longest running production in the history of Broadway.

Set in 1905, Fiddler on the Roof takes place in Anatevka, a small Jewish village in Russia. The story revolves around the dairyman Tevye and his attempts to preserve his family's traditions in the face of a changing world. When his eldest daughter, Tzeitel, begs him to let her marry a poor tailor rather than the middle-aged butcher that he has already chosen for her, Tevye must choose between his own daughter's happiness and those beloved traditions that keep the outside world at bay. Meanwhile, there are other forces at work in Anatevka, dangerous forces which threaten to destroy the very life he is trying to preserve.

Fiddler on the Roof opened on September 22, 1964 with Zero Mostel in the leading role. It ran for 3,242 performances at the Imperial Theatre and opened the door for other musicals to deal with more serious issues.

The 1971 screen version featured Norma Crane, Molly Picon, and Topol.


TevyeMike Bartlett
GoldeJoanna Tripp
TzeitelHannah Wilkinson
HodelNatasha Hollow
ChavaBeckie Rowley
ShprintzeHannah Tripp
BielkeEmma Tripp
YenteChristine Bartlett
PerchikJohn Bain
Lazar WolfMaurice Newman
MordchaMartyn Broyd
RabbiMark Kirby
MendelPaul Hine
AvramDavid Ronco
NachumAllan Parker
Grandma TzeitelAndrea Graves
Fruma SarahAnne Warner
ConstableStephen Cooper
FyedkaBen Warren
ShandelDiana Wilkinson
RifkaRachel Mayes
SashaOliver Freeston
The FiddlerSandra Rowley
MotelJohn Tripp


Production Co-ordinatorNik Mayes
Production AssistantRoge Alderman
Stage ManagerMatt Budd
Lighting DesignPhil Hamiltion
Lighting OperatorNik Mayes
Sound DesinSimon Payne
WardrobeSusi Sedgwick and Mary Baker
PropertiesPamela Alderman and Jenny Vivian
Call DeskSue Hantke
Make-upDiana Perkins
Front of House ManagerPeter Smith
Chief StewardsStan McVety, Mac Tilley and Roger Alderman
Rehearsal PianistBarbara Manning
PromptJean Walker